In 2015 MXCOACH organised with the support of crossfit Vallecas and crossfit bellum the first big international fitness festival in Spain. It had a great followed-up impact, but what we didn’t know that a community was being bornt. “THE CREW”.

Spanish Throwdown is an International Festival of Fitness, was held for the first time in September 2015, in the city of Madrid, the goal was to gather in Spain the best international Crossfit athletes, surprisingly achieved in the first edition, with athletes from up to 16 different countries, some of them athletes from the CrossFit Games. There was only one category and 70 athletes (40 men and 30 women) were qualified after the online phase. Starting this weekend. "The Spanish Throwdown", aroused much expectation in the world of CrossFit.

In 2016, as a result of the expectations raised the previous year, "The Spanish Throwdown" was held again in the second week of September 2016. In this second edition we added new categories, we broadcast the event in live-streaming, we increased the prizes for the Winners That were mostly foreign CrossFit box athletes, in the second year we doubled the online enrollment exceeding 1000 athletes from more than 24 different countries, qualifying 160 athletes for the present phase, increasing prizes, athletes, linking a larger fitness community and positioning ourselves as the most international of the fitness events held in Spain, from to the athletes presented, showing the international interest that #SPTH arouses.

introduccion spanish throwdown

SPTH has been classified like one of the biggest fitness events in Europe. “THE SPANISH THROWDOWN”

Crossfit Vallecas MXCOACH

That 2016 was organized on December 31 at CrossFit Vallecas the "Spanish Challenger" which is the last fitness event of the year, and had very good acceptance, giving away 2 wild cards for the Spanish of 2017. Also known as the event San Silvestre Crossfitera, which was accessed by invitation, according to the participation of the athletes during the year.

2017 #Spanishthrowdown was organized the third edition in "The City of the Racket"( Ciudad de la Raqueta), this edition exceeded the numbers compared to previous years in all aspects, more spectators, more stands, more athletes, more community, more categories, more prizes, more diffusion and repercussion, more international (more than 33 countries registered) and a greater interest shown by the brands towards the Spanish Throwdown and its organizers. In this year we introduced two new fitness championships, one for children #Spanishkids and another for weightlifters #FacetoFace

II Spanish Challenger December 31, 2017, increased requests for participation by athletes, increasing the number of participants to 34 athletes. 2018 is the fourth edition of the Spanish Throwdown to be held in Madrid on September 7, 8 and 9 and will feature several new releases, raising the prizes for the winners to more than € 16,000 and more than 350 athletes classified in the present phase.