Every advice, doubts that you could have, do not hesitate to contact with our team.

1. Where and when is the athlete registration made?

On 06/07/2019 from 08 am in La Ciudad de la Raqueta. Monasterio de El Paular St., 2, 28049 Madrid. About 200mts from the Paco de Lucia metro stop, line 9. Although we recommend doing the registration on 05/09/2019 in the afternoon to avoid rush and long waits

1 B. In case of FACEtoFACE, the briefing will take place in area B, at 4:00 p.m. on 07/09/2019.

2. What is the deadline to submit the results of the WOD qualifier 1 and the WOD qualifier 2?

WOD1: until the 16.06.2019 to present the link of the video.

WOD2: until the 23.06.2019 to present the video link.

2.B VIDEO LIFTING SPW-ff (not necessary).

3. What can I expect from the wod's?

Standards and movements standardized regional / European level (swimming, eurpean regional weight, etc ...).

4. What can I expect from the scaled category?

Fundamental rules and movements at the elementary level (swimming, basic kb movements, low weights, basic gymnastic movements and low weight weightlifting). The first classified could pass to higher category in the unlikely event that the higher category did not cover the places in the present phase.

5. How are the teams made up?

The teams are composed of 3 athletes (2 men and 1 female or 2 female and 1 men), they must record together the wods online.

6. Is it necessary to appear in the athletes' registration and briefing?

The presence of the athlete is not mandatory, but if the presence of someone who can transmit the information of the athlete is necessary and can be registered by the athlete. (SEE THE VENUE).

7. What are the scheduled hours?

You can check the timetables on the main page, the event is held in the City of the Racket, C/ Monasterio del paular, 2, Montecarmelo. Very close to the metro station. Paco de Lucia You can also access by car on the M-40 or the M-607.

8. How is scored in the Spth2018?

Rate the position of the wod, giving the first place 1 st, the second 2 pts, etc.And so on, the classification is the sum of all the wods during the event, being (w1 + w2 + w3 (R) + w4 + w5 + w6) = general position. In case of a tie to points, we will prioritize the best score in the previous wod, respectively until the tiebreak.

9. How many athletes will qualify for Sunday?

On the last day, the first 21+3 male élite athletes, 10 female elite, 12 male rx athletes,10 female rx athletes, 10 +2 teams, 10 master +35 men, 10 master +35 female, 10 master +40 male, 10 master+45 male, 8 female scaled athletes and 12 male scaled athletes will be automatically classified. While Sunday morning they will compete to enter these finals from 22 to 27 ranked male R's of those who will qualify 3, from the 11th to the 16th ranked female R's of those who will qualify 2, and from 10th to 16th of the teams of the that will classify 2.(Indicative)

9.B How many will qualify for the SPW (face to face) lifting event?

All registered until the registration limit

10. What is the wod repechage of Sunday?

An opportunity to qualify for the wod at the end of Sunday, will be the first wod on Sunday, the following 6 athletes participate in the qualifiers, with the top 3-2 depending on each category who can participate in the wods of the final day. (Indicative)

11. Where can I stay?

SPTH recommends ibis hotel Alcobendas for its proximity to both the nearest metro station, as well as vehicle, as well as its price and service.

12. Where can I eat?

Within the sports complex of the City of the Racket has a complete and varied restoration service.

13. How will the prizes be distributed?

#SPTH will distribute more than € 25,000 for its #spth fitness festival (extra prizes can be given by the partners to the finalists or winners of each WOD)

prizes spth

Spanish Weightlifing 2000€ for #spw (extra prizes can be given by the partners to the finalists or winners of each round).

1ºM 500€ /1ºF 500€/ 2ºM 300€/ 2ºF 300€/ 3ºM 200€/ 3ºF 200€

#PARTNERS PACK we want to reward the gym, clubs, box or affiliates that support in a special way #SPTH #SPW, for that reason we are going to reward the gym, box, clubs or affiliates that more users register.

13.bis What are the PARTNER PARCK?

Partner parck are prizes that our partners will give to the clubs, box, affiliates with the largest number of registered SPTH / SPW. It is necessary that the registration must be done under the club name.

14. How can I be a judge or volunteer of Spanish Throwdown?

You must write an email to info@thespanishthrowdown.com

15. Can I sign up as an individual athlete and as a team athlete?

You can sign up in different categories or different events, but if you were classified for the two categories or for both events, you will have to decide in which category or event you will compete and exclude the rest, declining your place to the next athlete.

16. See Rulebook

Read HERE the rulebook of SPTH / Read HERE the rulebook SPW (FTF)

17. I have already uploaded the video on You Tube but ... what should I do with the link?

Once the video has been uploaded to You Tube, you must copy the video link and paste it into your WODBUSTER ARENA profile, so that we can validate it. When you sign up for SPTH, Wodbuster Arena sends you a message to the email address you provided, with a personal Wodbuster Arena account where you will have a login and password.

18. Can I repeat the video to improve my score?

You can repeat as many times as you want to improve your score, always within the dates marked for each wod.

19. Am I Master?

If the day of registration of athletes of the Spanish, you have fulfilled the 35, 40 or 45 you can register previously in any Master category.